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1. What is AVCHD or HDV?
As AVCHD, which stands for Advanced Video Codec High Definition, is a high-definition (HD) digital video camera recorder format. The format employs MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) codec for video compression, and Dolby Digital (AC-3) or Linear PCM for the audio codec. Using an AVCHD camcorder… Hartistic Productions are able to record High Definition Video footages which you can watch on your Big screen TV. AVCHD recordings can be transferred to a computer quickly by connecting the camcorder or using a USB Card reader. The good news for HDTV owners now is that thanks to an increasing acceptance of the format by the consumer electronics industry, many HDTV’s now have microSD slots which will accept and playback memory cards with AVCHD recordings on them. At the moment, we are using Canon XA20 HDTV, Canon 5D Mk2 and GOPro Hero 3 Black all of which can record HD

2. You charge less expensive compared to most videographers here in Montreal. Why is that?
As far as we know, we try to market clients who are in adequate budget. Regardless of what you paid for, we aim to deliver an excellent, artistic copy of your wedding video that can be compared to other videographers who charges a minimum of $4000 for a full day coverage – two camera package. The rate we give out is our perceived value of our work. We don’t pay studio space nor pay for advertising/marketing. Thru this we are cutting on cost which benefits our customers. We give high regard for what we do, and we continually invest in most expensive equipments and technology that will make your videos as creative and original. We make sure that every client is more than satisfied and happy with our work. We make it a point to prove that we are worth every penny paid to us.

3. But based on your price list for wedding, there are other features in your package, such as honeymoon photo montage, guests interviews, etc.. that we don’t really need, can you cut down your price since we’re not getting these options?
There are 3 main criterias behind our pricing. First, we determine the number of cameras necessary to construct your wedding story. Please remember that the more cameras you have operating during the wedding, the more interesting your video will be to watch. Due to this, it increases production costs because of the additional equipment, labor, and post production time. Next, we determine the amount of time we will spend with you on your wedding day. We also consider the distance and number of locations we need to go to, as we carry all our equipments with us. And finally, we determine the effort required in post production editing that will be necessary to craft your wedding story. Additional features available on every package are only “add-ons”. Other companies charge extras on these features. With us, whether you like it or not… you get ‘em at no cost!

4. How long is the edited wedding videos?
It all depends on how long you want it to be. Some prefers an MTV type of video where each event is edited into a one song music video. Others enjoy watching a full hour of their ceremony. This is your wedding video, so it is only fair that you decide on how you want your video to turn out. From the black and white effects, slow motion, to the music you’d like us to use as background. We aim to deliver your videos as what we refer to as…UNIQUELY YOURS.

5. Do you mind if we give suggestions, ideas, personal feedbacks on how we want you to cover our wedding?
No, not at all. Initially, weeks before your wedding day, we either talk on the phone or have an e-mail discussion to finalize the itinerary/locations. During this time, you are welcome to give us suggestions on which scenes you want us to capture, and other pertinent details that you feel should be captured on your wedding videos.

6. I’m concerned with the lighting at the ceremony. How do you go about that?
Don’t worry. We strike a very fine balance between illuminating the venue properly and not calling attention to ourselves. Our lights are neatly secured on stands strategically placed in key areas of the venue. Rest assured, no blinding and roasting of the guests will occur.

7. Who picks the music?
You do. We aim for more personalized wedding videos so we greatly appreciate if you send us a list of songs you prefer as your background music.

8. How long do you keep the raw footage and final DVD copy before recycling it?
Raw footages transferred to our computer hard drives are removed as soon as the Final DVD is delivered to the clients. Final DVD copies however may be stored in our hard drives up to a year. We suggest that you request a copy of your raw footages when you come and pick up your wedding videos.

9. Do you accept pencil bookings?
The problem with pencil bookings is that lead easily gets erased. Honestly, we’ve been burned quite a number of times, so the policy now is – No Downpayment, No Reservation.

10. Will you be at the church rehearsal?
If you want us to, no problem. But please be advised that an extra fee per hour may apply.

11. What makes you different from other videographers?
We call this the beauty pageant question. Of course, when put on the spot, we take a deep breath, bat our lashes, smile and say… We take our philosophy in shooting very seriously. We take great lengths to remain as unobtrusive and candid in order to capture a natural scenarios as much as possible. We pride ourselves with excellent camerawork further enhanced by exceptional editing, and most important of all…world peace.

12. How soon should I book you?
Ideally, as soon as you are interested with what we offer, it is advisable to book us right away. As most of our clients tends to reserve us, more than a year prior to their wedding date.

13. Why does it take so long to edit the video?
We try to make each video distinct from the rest, nothing generic. This philosophy leads us to long excruciating hours, days and weeks of editing a video. We are not offering any excuses, it is just the way it is. If you’re looking for a quick and speedy turnaround, we may not be what you are looking for.

14. So, when will I receive my final DVD?
Based on our experience since we established this business in 2000, as of today, it takes us a maximum of 4 to 6 months to finish a wedding video. Of course, this vary as it takes a bit of your participation during the editing. As soon as we finish editing your video, we will ask you to watch your videos for comments/suggestions. Any changes to be made will add up to the duration of the editing process. If it takes you weeks to send your feedbacks, this delays the estimate time we opt to finish your video.


15. What formats are available for duplications?
DVD is now the most popular format – VHS is still available. High Definition (HD) will become more acceptable in the future once the conflicts and costs are reduced. We will incorporate this format when these issues are resolved.

16. How are you dressed at our event?
We are usually dressed in dark (or black) attire. Honestly, we’re not quite sure if we should include this query, but we get this question from a handful of people, so to save other clients from asking, might as well post this question online.

17. Deposits, Cancellation and Refund Policy?
We require a 25% deposit of the total cost. To cancel yoru booking, we need at least 60 days notice. Unfortunately, your deposit is not refundable. However, if we book another wedding on that date, we will refund your deposit…100%.

18. What is Love?
Love is like a rosary…full of mysteries.


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